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Saturday, 27 March 2010 18:05

The Cambridge International Students Association, CISA, was set up in 2010 to help all students from Abroad wanting to come and study in the UK. We help with FREE advice on UK Courses, Costs, living in the UK and also we have information on the UK Student Visas.

NOTE; In these pages when we write 'School/College' or simply 'College' we will mean a School or Sixth Form College. This is like a 'High School', and normally has students aged about 16 to 20 or so. Older students are also allowed. Some may take younger students too. But when we write 'University' we of course do mean a normal University that has students over about 19 years old and does Degrees (or Foundation Courses as well as Degrees) and Post-Graduate Courses, like Masters (or pre-Masters too) and PhDs etc.

What we can do for you

 We can also advise on some particular Colleges and Schools in Cambridge, UK, as we are based here and know about them personally, having worked in the Teaching Profession in Cambridge for many years. There are many things to consider when deciding to study in the UK, but Three of the most important are

 1] Quality    2] Cost  and    3] Visa.

Why Cambridge

 Cambridge is of course one of the greatest centres for Education in England and in the world. Some of the very best Schools and Colleges are in Cambridge and of course one of the best Universities in the world is in Cambridge. Therefore the standard in Cambridge is very high. This means it is high for the quality of the Teaching, the facilities and the quality of Teachers, as well as high for the Students who come to study in Cambridge.

 The quality of the School/College and also the University in the UK can be found from Ranking Tables (League Tables) that are published by various organisations in the UK. More information about Rankings and entry requirements will be found on the menu on the left, and for many other places in the UK as well that have very good Schools/Colleges and especially good Universities.

Important Considerations

 Two other important considerations are the Costs for college Fees and for Accommodation. More information is also given in the Menu on the left. Finally there is the UK Visa, which can be very quick and easy now if you have all the correct documents and money. Up to date information on the UKBA Student Visa requirements is also given in the Menu on the left.

 With our information we will make it easier for you to choose and decide where to study and what course to study. You can always contact us through our Contact page for any specific enquiries. Good Luck with your Future !

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