Entry Requirements for Universities in UK
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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 11:15

What Qualifications you need to study at a University in UK

You will need good English language ability. This is normally measured by the IELTS test, and there are various requirements for different Courses in the UK.

 Note that since March 2010 the IELTS level needed for the Tier 4 Visa to come as a Student (for more than 11 months) was increased to IELTS 4 (actually 3.5 to 4.5), which is NQF entry level 3 or CEF-R (Common European Framework of Reference) level B1 and about a TOEFL score of 435 or more. This is now needed to come as a General Student on the UKBA Tier 4 PBS (Points based System). You can come for up to 11 months on the easier Student Visitor Visa, but University courses are normally longer, so Universities usually deal with the Tier 4 Visas.

University Requirements; Academic and English 

To study for a University Degree or Post Graduate course (Masters or PhD), you will normally need at least IELTS 6 or 6.5.

 For a Degree in the UK you will need at least 2 GCSEs, and these have to be English and Maths (C grade or above) AND either A-levels OR a Foundation course qualification. Students from abroad can use equivalents to the GCSEs, for example M6. You can come to a University or College to do the A-levels (normally 2 years) or Foundation (1 year) for the University entry.

 Many Universities now run their own on-campus Foundation (and pre-Masters) courses, as described in the University Courses menu tab. The English requirements for these can be lower, at IELTS 4.5 or even 4.0 when extra English classes are taken.

 For a Post-Graduate course you also need a good Degree, a 'First' or a 'Two-One' or sometimes possibly a Two-Two with about 2 years work experience. This means a GPA of MORE than 3 (out of 4), in fact normally more than 3.2. Some top universities require even higher GPAs, for example LSE (London School of Economics) requires at least 3.5 and they may require an even higher IELTS score, of about 7, for some or all courses at the very top universities.

There are some Pre-Masters courses that are available to students with lower GPAs, even for a GPA above 2.3, but the students need to complete this course before they can start on their Masters degree. The students can also enrol on these courses with lower IELTS scores, of about 5.0 or 5.5, for a 3 term or 2 term course. So if you have a lower GPA and lower IELTS, you may still be able to study for a Masters in the UK. You can contact us for more information about all this.



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