How to Choose your School or University
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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 11:51

How to Choose a School or College in the UK

As indicated before there are many things to consider, but 3 of them should be 1] Quality, 2] Cost and 3] Visa.

Here we can consider only the Quality, since the Costs and Visas are done in other Menus, but the Visa is included as a College consideration because only the UKBA 'A' rated colleges can give you a guaranteed CAS Visa letter that you need for the General Student Visa.

Rankings, Facilities and Location

The obvious way to find out the Quality of the School or College is to find out its Ranking in some published League Table. The best Ranking Tables are found in

 1) The DCSF School and College Achievement and Attainment Tables, which is a Government service (Website;

 2) The Times Rankings and

 3) The Guardian Rankings etc. which are Ranking/League Tables published by Newspaper organisations.


However this is only part of the picture. The best thing to do is visit the place if you can. You will get an idea of its location, facilities, manner of the Teachers and what Staff they have. ...

Often of course it is not possible to visit the place, so try to get as much information as possible, and in fact you can always SEE it quite well using Google Maps in the UK.

The important thing about these Rankings is to remember that if you only look at the percentage of A and B grades for the students leaving the College, then they do not always show the real quality of teaching and the improvement achieved by the college, because you should also consider the level of the Students who ENTERED the college. Not only the level of the Students who LEAVE the College. For example, students entering with a C grade level and leaving with an A grade represent a greater quality and success of the College than students entering with a B and leaving with an A, so the real Improvement in the Grades should be considered.

 The larger Colleges tend to participate in many Rankings, but some of the smaller Colleges are not even included in the Rankings by the organisations who make the Rankings. For these Colleges you should ask to see their results for the past years Students to decide for yourself. 

Class Sizes

Another thing to consider is the Class sizes. Some Colleges have good Teaching but larger Class sizes. It is really better to have smaller Class sizes, so the Students can get more individual attention, while the quality of Teaching should still be high. This is sometimes very important for foreign Students because of the extra difficulty of having to learn in a foreign language- English. 

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