UK VISA Information - Applying and Requirements
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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 11:05

What Qualifications you need for a full Student Visa, to study (and do some work) in UK

You will need some English language ability. This is normally measured by the IELTS test, and there are various requirements for different Courses and Jobs in the UK. Since March 2010 the IELTS level needed for the UK Visa to come as a Student for more than 6 months was increased to about IELTS 4 (actually 3.5 to 4.5), which is NQF entry level 3 or CEF-R (Common European Framework of Reference) level B1 and about a TOEFL score of 435 or more. This is now needed to come as a General Student for more than 6 months, on the UKBA Tier 4 PBS (Points based System). This General Student Visa allows you to work for up to 10 hours per week. Note that only the UKBA certified Colleges (normally with an 'A' rating) can issue the CAS Visa letter that you need to get your General Student Visa.

Money Requirements

The other important requirement is Money. You have to show you have enough money to pay for your stay in the UK. This means you have to show you have at least 600 pounds per month for 9 months (actually One academic Year, 3 terms) in the UK, or 800 pounds in London. This means at least 5400 pounds that you have to show in your Bank account for at least One Month and less than one month before applying for the Visa (the bank statement must be less than one month old). Be careful, if you still have any Fees 'outstanding' that you still need to pay the School/College/University then this must be also shown as an extra amount (so you have to show 5400 plus the outstanding fees total).When you have paid the Fees or the Deposit, the CAS Visa letter will be sent to you by the College or University. This is used for the General Student Visa Application.

 IOM Tuberculosis Requirement

You must also show an IOM certificate that shows you are free from TB, and show all your Original Documents and Qualifications with your Visa Application.

 Normally the application is done Online now (Vaf 9 form) and ALSO you have to fill in APPENDIX 8 for the General Student Visa. You have to print these forms and submit them with your Documents when you apply for the visa.


Student Visitor Visa

The increasingly common way to come as a Student for up to 11 months (normally 6 to 11 months), is on a Student Visitor Visa, similar to a normal Visit Visa. This is becoming more popular and is much easier than the normal Tier 4 full Student Visa and has been increased up to a maximum 11 months stay. For this Student Visitor Visa you need a definite Offer Letter from the School/College to say you have been accepted on a short course, but you do not need any IELTS or IOM certificate. The only institutions now allowed to issue these Offer letters MUST be UKBA licenced and/or registered, for example with the BAC (British Accreditation Council) for Schools. Of course you still need to show you have enough money for your stay and that you have paid the Fees. This type of Visa does not allow you to work at all in the UK. And it does not allow you to bring any dependents (eg. your children) into the UK with you on the visa.


To apply for the Student Visitor Visa you fill in Form Vaf 1D, similar to the normal 'Tourist' Visitor visa. You will need to show the original letter of Acceptance on your short Course from the School/College and bank Statements showing sufficient money etc.

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