About Cambridge and Living in Cambridge/UK
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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 12:58

Information about Cambridge; Outings, Museums, Things to Do etc

Cambridge is in the UK, on the Western edge of Europe. The maps below show the UK and England, and also the location of Cambridge in the South-Eastern part of England, near to London.


 The town itself goes back to before Roman times, more than 2000 years. The Romans had fortifications on the hill ('Castle Hill') and some settlements around the area. Later it was a famous Medieval centre of trade and Learning. Cambridge itself is named after the 'Bridge over the river Cam'. There are many bridges now, the most famous being the 'Mathematical' bridge, in Queens College. It was supposed to have been built by Isaac Newton, without any nails!

The University dates back 800 years, the first students coming here in 1209. Many of the Colleges of the University are very old and have even older origins in the Church organisations and Church land that was taken over by king Henry VIII. The biggest and most famous are well worth a look; Kings college, St.Johns college, Trinity college and Queens college. They are all near each other in the centre between the old Round Church and Kings Parade, or can be seen along the 'Backs', next to the river.

Cambridge is a great place for students, because of course we have so many of them here! We have many thousands of them, and many are foreign Students.

 What you do here really depends on what you like, but there are many historic buildings- all the old Colleges etc- and many Museums, Theatres and Galleries if that is what you like.



There are many museums, including the large Fitzwilliam Museum, showing everything from ancient fossils to modern art and from Earth Science to Modern Physics.

 Some pictures are shown of the variety of available things to see, from Dinosaurs and rock minerals to seashells and the Botanic garden.




























If that sort of thing is not what you like then there is a lot to do in Cambridge, with the town centre being open during the day, and also late, with many bars, restaurants, cinemas etc.

 Cambridge is also a good place for sports; there are the famous Rowing events on the river Cam and several Football clubs around town, as well as the big swimming pool and Kelsey Kerridge Sports complex on the corner of Mill road in the town centre. If you prefer something less strenuous then you can go Punting on the river with your friends and see the town from a different and new angle.




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