How to Choose a University, for Degree or Postgraduate, Masters etc.
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Monday, 19 April 2010 06:24

How to Choose your University.

You have to choose the place where you will study by considering 4 important points- and perhaps others that are important for you. These main considerations are; 1) Course Type, 2) Quality of Course, 3) Location and 4) Cost.

1)  Course Offered

You obviously have to go to a University that offers the type of course that you want to study. This will immediately narrow down your choices because Universities do specialise in certain types of course subjects. This leads on to the next point,

2)  Quality of this Course and Rankings

Some Universities excel in certain types of subjects, for example Essex has an outstanding Business department etc. This is why you should not look at the 'Overall' Ranking of the whole University, but focus on the Ranking of the Department that teaches your subject. From the Universities that offer your subject, you can now choose the ones with the best quality Departments offering that subject for your Degree or Masters etc. You will be surprised that some universities with medium overall rankings have very good ranking in some Departments.

3)  Location

Location is very much up to you; you may prefer to be in some location more than another. Do not get obsessed with being in or around 'London'. Really, if you are not in the very centre of London, then it is not so attractive and much the same as any other town. Also remember that London is usually (much) more expensive than other places- and there are plenty of good places in other towns in the UK.

4)  Cost

Consider the cost too, if that is imporant, especially remember the Living costs. Accommodation and Living costs in London and some other places is more than normal, which makes a BIG difference over a period of 3 years, or even just one year. If you are doing a Foundation/Pre-Masters first, remember you will be staying longer!

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