Frequently Asked Questions FAQS
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1] Where is Cambridge?

Cambridge is 52 miles (84 km) north of London, 48 minutes by train or 1 hour by car or at least 85 minutes by bus. It is a little over 2 hours by bus from Heathrow airport. You can have a look at Google map to see the location or the maps in the Living in Cambridge Menu.

2] How do I get there?

From Heathrow or Gatwick, an easy - and the cheapest - way to get to Cambridge is by bus.
You can also get the London subway (The ‘Tube’) from Heathrow Airport to the King’s Cross Train station in London and then a train to Cambridge, which costs just a little more than the bus. Or you could take a taxi all the way to cambridge, which costs approximately £160.00 (sometimes a little more or less). This is a good idea if you are sharing with 2 or 3 other people, then it can cost less than the bus or train.
Colleges often offer a transfer service. For more information, contact them or their representatives for information.

3] What about the courses?

All courses are full-time. They include at least 15 hours in class per week + daily homework + optional study time.
Your teacher/supervisor will interview you on a regular basis to check that everything is going well. If you wish, you can also arrange additional private ‘one-to-one’ lessons or extra help.

4] How much does it cost?

There is the cost of the course (tuition fees) and the cost of your accommodation, which you NEED to show for your Visa application. There is also an Administration fee. See the details of costs for YOUR course.
Of course, don’t forget your pocket money. We suggest £30.00 to £80.00 per week depending on if you stay with a host Family or if you are in your own ‘self-catering’ accommodation, for food and maybe some clothes. Of course if you like shopping, bring much more!

5] Which exams can I take?

The most popular exams are the IELTS and pre-Masters or pre-University exams. There are also some other exams which you can prepare for. See website for more information.

6] How do I enrol?

The staff and their representatives in your own country can normally help with this, and also with Visas. The Application procedure is usually the same for Colleges; Complete the Registration form and send it with your documents to the School/College/University and then usually wait for an Offer letter. When you have been accepted, send your deposit amount. You then need to get a Visa for UK. Accommodation details are normally sent to you before your course starts. You should normally arrange the accommodation so you have somewhere to live when you arrive. You will pay for the accommodation before you arrive.



  • EU, Swiss, Norwegian and Icelandic students do not need a visa. Other students may need a General Student Visa; See below. You can find out more about Visas on the UK border Agency (UKBA) website.
  • When we receive your deposit and the Registration form, the College will send you a Visa CAS Letter confirming your acceptance at the college for the Visa application AND a receipt invoice for your deposit payment.
  • For the Visa Application you also need to show you have enough money for your accommodation (for the whole time you stay in the UK). UKBA currently specify £600 pounds per month for Cambridge (£800 for London), so you need to show you have over £5400 for a nine month stay.
  • You should  GET HELP  with your Applications ! This is important to make sure there are no mistakes in the College Application and the Visa Application. We can give some help with your Application,  in the top Menu above, or tell you who can help you for some colleges.  Colleges normally have representatives to HELP you with all this in your OWN country. 

    Do I need a visa? (Usually, Yes!)

    Countries fall into categories:

    EEA - includes European Union countries + Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. Students from these countries do not need a visa.

    Visa Nationals - includes all the other countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Russia, Ukraine, China, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, African countries and the Middle Eastern countries. These students must get a Student Visa before they leave.

    You can find out more about Visas on the UK border Agency (UKBA) website.


    How do I start with my UK Student Visa

    This is a short summary of things you must do, step by step for your UK Student Visa.

    1. Make sure you have Valid Passport.
    2. Take photos 35 mm by 45 mm as specified by UK Embassy/Consulate.
    3. Pay the College course-fee/deposit to get the Visa Letter.
    4. Make sure you have enough money in your Bank Account to cover Accommodation/Maintenance.
    5. Fill Visa application ONLINE and print one copy to take with you.
    6. Print and Fill Appendix 8 and take with you.
    7. Get TB test from IOM.
    8. Make appointment, go to nearest UK Embassy/Consulate to apply for UK Visa yourself, in person.


     Ask us for help (top Menu above) and if we can not help you then we can give you Information on contacts for some Colleges, to help you in your country. Colleges normally have representatives to HELP you with all this in your OWN country. This is important to make sure there are no mistakes in the College Application and the Visa Application.


7] Is there anything I should know before I go?


The College or their representative should give you Information Leaflets/Brochures. This will give you lots of useful information.


8] What’s so special about Cambridge?


Cambridge is world famous as a centre of teaching excellence and a great place for students. It is a lively university city with lots to do and see for students. It is also famous for its theatres, nightlife and shopping and it is much loved by English people. Cambridge is also a wealthy city with low unemployment, so it is not difficult for our students to find part-time work. See our website page ‘about Cambridge’ for more details.


9] Where will I stay?


The College can arrange your accommodation, generally within walking distance of the school/College/University.
Host Family stay is usually with half board or there are Student Residences or you can get your own ‘self-catering’ houses or flats where you can cook for yourself. See the Accommodation page for more information.


10] Do I have to pay extra for books?


Yes, you normally buy your own books or the college may arrange to buy them for you at an extra charge or possibly it can be added to the fees.


11] How do I pay?


You can pay by bank transfer, bank draft etc. See the details in the enrolment procedure.


12] What about insurance?


We recommend you take out travel insurance for your journey, but its up to you.



13] How could I make sure that my child will be looked after when She/He gets ill?


The staff will normally take your child to register with a Family Doctor and get a NHS Number in UK and make sure your child knows what to do if she/he wants to see the doctor.



14] How can I know if my child behaves well?


The College staff will contact you if there is any problem. You will also have the phone number, so you can telephone to check if your child is behaving well. The staff normally will also make sure that your child goes to bed if in a School/College Residence, gets up and joins classes every week-day, and will telephone you if they find something wrong with your child’s behaviour. The college also sends academic reports to you, to the address you give them.



After everything is done, dont forget to contact your accommodation provider at least one week BEFORE you come to let them know your arrival time. This is very important as they need to know when you arrive!  

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