How Much it Costs
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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 13:28

What it will Cost

There is the cost of the Course Fees for the College. Then there is the Accommodation and then there is also some extra living expense money that is needed for every-day things, like extra food and snacks, drinks, shopping, outings, transort, books, your mobile phone bills (probably BIG!) etc.

Course Fees; You can get an idea about how much the FEES are on the Schools/Colleges/Universities Information pages on the left. The  Fees will usually be from around 10 up to nearly 20 thousand pounds for most courses, except for the short English courses (which will be less) or unless you can get a special Scholarship discount.

Accommodation; This varies a lot. It can be a little less than 100 pounds per week up to over 200 pounds per week. It depends on the type of accommodation, as described in the menu on the left. The cheapest is to find a Shared house, but you do have a lot of extras to pay. The most expensive is the Student Residence accommodation provided for the students, but this is also the easiest. The Host family accommodation is in the middle, usually convenient but not always the best for the student in terms of location and facilities. So it will cost from around 1000 to over 2000 pounds per Term for the Accommodation, and then there are extra living costs to consider too. Remember you always need to show you have at least 600 pounds (or 800 in London) per month for the UK Visa.

Living Expenses; this is really up to the individual student. Some can live OK on about 50 pounds per week and others like to spend and shop so need more than 1000 per week. Depends what you are used to and what you need- do you shop in Tesco or in Gucci ? Do you make your own food or like to eat out ? - going out for meals in UK can be expensive. Do you take taxis a lot ? - they are expensive. For example a normal, quite short, Taxi ride is around 5 pounds, and a bus for the same journey costs about 1.50. If you get a bicycle you can get around for free. There are many things to consider, about what yoiu need and how much you will need to spend.

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