Accommodation in Cambridge
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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 13:10

Types of Student Accommodation

There are really 3 types of Accommodation Students can get at Schools/Colleges or at Universities.

1] You can be offered the Student Residence by the College. Usually this is fairly close (but you should always CHECK where it is!) to the place/campus where you will get your Teaching, and is usually very high standard. Sometimes there are SOME cooking facilities that you can use- but you should CHECK about this if it is important for you to be able to cook. Usually they have their own staff 'Supervisors' in the Residence to look after the Students, but this type of accommodation can be quite expensive.

2] You can often stay in 'Host Family' accommodation. This means a family who are willing to rent you a room in their house and usually give you Breakfast and Dinner (half-Board). These can be further from the campus but are often cheaper than the Residences. But you will usually NOT be able to use any facilities in their house except the bathroom. For example you normally do NOT get internet, and are normally NEVER allowed to use the Kitchen!

3] So that is why some Students prefer to get their own Shared House. Then you get to use the Kitchen etc, but it can be quite tricky too. There are normally Contracts for a minimum of 6 months, and there will be a big Deposit to pay. It is better if you get more than 2 Students sharing the costs, because remember you will have to pay ALL your bills; Gas, Electricity, Local Council Tax, Water and Telephone! Then there is more if you want internet, cable etc. It does normally work out cheaper than the Residences but can be harder for Students to find - some people do not rent their houses to Students!



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