Your Food, Shopping and the Weather in Cambridge, UK
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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 13:05

Information about getting your own Food, Shopping and the Weather in Cambridge, UK

 There are many good shopping centres and markets in and around Cambridge, so shopping is easy. Many people come to Cambridge for shopping from around the area. If you want to shop for food, and even clothes and other things for your daily life, then the big supermarkets like Asda and Tesco are useful. They also have many foreign foods.

There are a few shops in Cambridge that specialise in selling foreign food. If you are from the Far East, then there is the Korean shop called Seoul Plaza on Mill Rd.

Shopping Centre

Cho Mee shop and Chinese Supermarket on Mill Rd.

Tesco and Asda sell Jasmine Rice and many foreign and Eastern foods etc.

Nasreen shop on Histon Rd. has many Eastern goods and foods too.

Elsewhere in the UK (not in Cambridge yet), Lidl supermarket sells Jasmine rice etc.



The Weather- always important in the UK !

THe weather here is not as extreme as on the Continent of Europe. It is relatively mild in the South, around Cambridge. It does rain a lot, and in the winter the temperature is often around zero degrees centigrade, with snow etc. But on average it is aound 5-15'C in the Winter during the day and around 15 to 25 in the Summer during the day. It is colder at night of course.

So warm thick clothes and an umbrella are needed.



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