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Dennis Busenitz is considered adidas shoes purple and blue one of the most famous people in the skate world. Between the rap careers, sports cars and Hollywood attitudes many pros may have, he convinced with down-to-earth and first-class skating. The family man, who lives in San Francisco, has long been with adidas and now has three different models in their collection.

The Busenitz Vulc is flat shaped and, adidas womens shoes 2018 as the name suggests, a vulcanized sole. There are small areas of plastic in the heel area of the shoe to back up the outer suede leather. Their function is probably more of a cosmetic nature, since these points are mostly stressed by Heelflips. The toe area of the shoe is relatively narrow, but after some time it adapts perfectly to your foot, without losing its stability.

The narrow toe also provides adidas busenitz boost pk a very good feeling in this region and thus a good flick. The heel area is well made and together with the vulcanized sole, it has a pleasant comfort coupled with an amazing board feel. The sole also impresses with exceptionally good grip.

When it comes to durability, adidas mens shoes sale the rugged suede outer material comes into play as well as the main characteristic: the iconic “three stripes”. These dissolve relatively quickly, but only cause visual damage. Although the sole cannot keep up with the durability of Cupsole models, it endures quite well. The shoe delivers in terms of durability, for what it promises: it cannot achieve the best durability values based on its design.

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